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Learn more about what others are saying about the best Whitby Locksmith service

Local Whitby Locksmith is proud to show off some of our reviews left by recently satisfied customers. If you’d like to be a part of our next success story, call our team of experts today!

Commercial Safe Combination Change

Trisha Newsom

When one of my assistant managers left for a different job, my now previous employee and myself were the only two in the office to know the combination to the office safe. For security reasons, I needed the change the combination to the safe, so that only I would now know the combination.

I went online and searched for a locksmith near me, and came across Local Whitby Locksmith. I called them up and they came very quickly to my office and changed the combination to the safe. Honestly, I cannot recommend them enough, they were 100% professional and worked very quickly.

In the future if something does go wrong, I know where to call!

Local Whitby Locksmith Safe Unlock Commercial Service

Keys Locked in Trunk

Cheryl Neal

I was going back to my car from the shopping centre, and I got to my car to put my shopping bags in the trunk, and I realized that I had left my keys in there when I took out my purse to go into the mall. In a panic, I looked up some local locksmith, and Local Whitby Locksmith came up.

Once I called them and right away their customer service staff made me feel calm, and after I explained what happened, they gave me a quote and an ETA. The locksmith service man made it to my car quickly and got my keys out of the trunk with ease. They are very affordable as well, and it’s nice to know that they work 24/7 to help with problems like this.

I would recommend them to everybody I know!

Lost Car Key Replacement

William Hogan

I was about to drive home after my walk in the trails with my dog, and I panicked because I couldn’t find my keys to my 2007 Mazda 6, as they must have fallen out during my walk. I searched online to find a locksmith in Whitby, and came across Local Whitby Locksmith, and called them right away.

Their mobile locksmith came to my location, very quickly I might add, and right then and there cut me a new key for my car with their key cutting service. They gave me a very good price, and were so efficient and professional. Very happy with the service!

Lost Motorcycle Key Replacement

Robert Francis

I took an Uber home after drinks with some friends one night, and I didn’t realized until it was too late that I left my keys to my  Honda motorcycle in the backseat of the car. When I woke up the next morning to get my bike for work, I had to quickly figure out a plan of action so I wouldn’t be too late.

Local Whitby Locksmith was so helpful, and they met me where my bike was, and very quickly made a new key for my motorcycle. I am forever grateful to Local Whitby Locksmith, and will continue to use them as my primary locksmith service company.


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